Frequently Asked Question

Do you provide free quotes?

Yes, I offer a free quotation system. If what you are after is modular or fairly standard then I can give you a reasonably accurate quote without the need to visit you first. For the majority of jobs I will arrange a suitable time to visit where I’ll take measurements and discuss your project in detail. I work out your price then email it through to you for your consideration.

Do you provide drawings?

Yes, for jobs that require them, such as custom, bespoke furniture etc., I supply you with 3D computer generated drawings. I will have a design drawn up as close as we can to your requirements then send them through to you so that you can see if any adjustments are needed, I will tweak the design and ensure you are completely satisfied.

Should we expect any hidden extra charges once work has begun?

No, I will assess the work load and your requirements then price the job accordingly. The price I quote you in our final quote prior to starting the work will be the total you will be asked to pay. Only if you make changes that involve extra materials or additional labour would there be any extras incurred, but I’d discuss this with you while going through the alterations needed so you are completely aware, but for small changes or alterations that we can get over without too much hassle I will happily cover it without charging you extra. I try to be as fair as we can with my clients.

Okay, so I've decided to commission you to carry out our carpentry project, what is the process?

Firstly you email or call me. I then see if I’m able to get you an estimated cost without the need for an initial visit. If not, then I will arrange a time that is best for you to have us visit. I will then go over your requirements and take as many details as I can. I will go away and work through your prices which will then be emailed to you for your consideration. If you are happy with your quotes, I will sort out the start dates (construction times) with you and ask for a small deposit towards the material costs to start the work.

For bespoke or any custom made furniture, I will send you computer generated drawings after you have agreed to my quote. Once you are happy with the plans and know exactly what you are creating, I will ask for a deposit towards material costs and work out a timeframe for you.

Please note that depending on the size of the job I will either require interim payments (large jobs) as work makes progress, followed by a final payment once the work has been completed and you are totally happy or for small to medium jobs after obtaining a deposit I will only invoice for the balance once the job is complete and you are completely satisfied. All payment processes will be clearly stated in my quote.

I'm looking for fitted alcove bookcases. Should I expect a lot of mess?

I take great care to place dust sheets where needed and all of my power tools are connected to class leading dust extractors. Once the work is complete, I take care of any small amounts of dust that were unavoidable by vacuuming behind me to leave your home clean and tidy.

Do you just do large jobs?

No, I cover all aspects of carpentry and joinery including the small tasks as well. I am happy to undertake any project whether it’s large or small.

Do you work with real wood?

Yes, I use a wide variety of materials to enable me to provide you with the finish you require.

Will we be getting value for money?

I try to genuinely be as fair as I can when it comes to pricing my jobs. I produce high quality workmanship alongside a personal service and feel I’m most definitely offering my clients good value for money.

How do you take your tea?

White with no sugar.

Why EDK?