MDF Alcove Fitted Furniture, Shelving, Bookcases and Storage Solutions

MDF is an extremely versatile material and the uses for it are literally limitless. It lends itself very well for alcove fitted projects, floating shelving, bookcases and playroom furniture to name a few. MDF takes paint very well and gives a durable, cost effective means of having practical, long lasting fitted furniture; furthemore, in years to come all it will require is a light sand and a fresh coat of paint to restore it to new again, ready to give many more years of service. Should you have a space or even a spare wall that would make an ideal place to utilise a well thought out shelving arrangement and live in and around London, Essex or Hertfordshire, please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements further.

White Alcove Fitted Cabinets

Here is a recent set of bespoke alcove shelving cabinets that we completed in Muswell Hill, N10. They are made from top grade materials and fully spray lacquered throughout, featuring handmade 5-piece solid beaded shaker doors, and matching mouldings and profiles along with concealed soft closing hinges.

White painted alcove furniture, Muswell Hill N10
White shaker alcove shelving unit, Muswell Hill N10
Bespoke alcove cabinet, Muswell Hill N10
Bespoke alcove shaker cabinet, Cockfosters EN2
White sprayed alcove cabinet, Cockfosters EN2
White sprayed alcove fitted furniture, Cockfosters EN2
Alcove fitted shelving cabinet, Cockfosters EN2

Playroom Furniture

This bespoke alcove fitted shelving cabinet was built for a large Victorian playroom in Winchmore Hill, N21. The client wished for it to be in keeping with the rest of the decor but to be easy to clean and accommodate children’s toys, books and board games. Everything is constructed from Medite MR MDF with solid backed cabinets and handmade 22mm Ovolo moulded cabinet doors which are fitted using Blum integrated soft close hinges. For the painted finish we went with a hard wearing sprayed waterborne pigmented lacquer which offers ease of cleaning and with no odours.

Built in spray lacquered shaker storage cabinet, Winchmore Hill N21
Interior of shaker playroom shelving unit, Winchmore Hill N21

Alcove Media Units

These traditional alcove fitted cabinets were built for a Victorian property in Winchmore Hill, N21. It’s made fully from MR MDF with handmade beaded shaker doors and various mouldings to suit its surroundings. For the sprayed finish we used a waterborne lacquer that offers a durable surface that’s easy to clean and odour free.

Spray lacquered MDF alcove media unit, Winchmore Hill N21
Side view of alcove media unit, Winchmore Hill N21
Built in MDF alcove cabinet

MDF Bedroom and Office Fitted Furniture

Here we have a bespoke fitted bedroom set that was built for a client in Enfield Town, EN1. Our client wanted a very modern feel and for the furniture to be supplied and fitted as raw MDF, which they could then paint themselves as a cost effective option. We used matt white melamine face MDF for the interiors as this requires no further finishing. For the exterior we went with Medite MR MDF and machined everything to have integrated J-finger pull handless. Overall, it offers a very neat, solid and long lasting package at the best possible price point.

MDF fitted wardrobe with desk, Enfield EN1
Modern MDF wardrobe with drawers, Enfield EN1
Bespoke fitted MDF desk and shelves, Enfield EN1

Traditional Beaded Shaker Alcove Cabinet

This alcove fitted shelving cabinet was built for a property in Enfield, EN2. We opted for a matt white melamine faced MDF interior which is contrasting and easy to clean. For the exterior we used Medite MR MDF and applied a custom coloured sprayed waterborne lacquer. The doors were traditionally made beaded shaker doors and fitted with Blum integrated soft close hinges.

Empty alcove, Sevenoaks TN14
Contrasting interior of shaker unit, Sevenoaks TN14
Front view of spray painted beaded shaker doors, Sevenoaks TN14
Close up of sprayed beaded shaker doors, Sevenoaks TN14

Made to Measure Alcove Furniture

We made these alcove fitted cabinets for a Victorian living room in Winchmore Hill, N21. They were traditionally made with full internal carcases and handmade raised panel doors. Everything was made using Medite MR MDF and supplied with a hand painted finish.

Traditional bespoke fitted alcove furniture, Winchmore Hill, N21
Left side alcove cabinet, Winchmore Hill N21
Right side alcove cabinet, Winchmore Hill, N21

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