Made to Measure Internal Bi-fold Doors

Bespoke Internal Hardwood Door Systems

We specialise in producing made to measure hardwood internal bi-fold doors in and around London, Essex and Hertfordshire. All of our bi-fold door sets are designed and built from the ground up and feature the very best in laminated hardwoods and folding door gear.

Tommafold 60 bi-fold door system, Palmers Green, N13 Internal oak bi-fold door set, Winchmore Hill, N21

Our timber and joinery methods:

There are three timber species that we use for 90% of our door systems, European oak, Sapele and Redwood. All three have their own unique attributes and fall in at different price points (other timber species are also available).

European oak tends to be the most popular as it not only offers a beautiful, rich wood grain but is also very dense and durable. We use only the very best prime grade oak which is FSC certified.

Sapele is also very popular for these door systems and offers a rich mahogany colour profile with stunning wood grain. It's very stable, looks excellent when oiled or stained and takes paint well. As with the oak, it's FSC certified and very durable.

Redwood is mainly used for bi-fold door sets that require a painted finish and when hardwood isn't required. It is FSC certified and prime grade to offer very stable and quality softwood joinery.

All of our bi-fold door systems come complete with handmade solid wood doors and frames, and feature through-mortice and tenon joints, laminated solid wood components that offer the most stable door sections, and joined with two part epoxy adhesives to give the highest joint strength.

For the folding hardware we spent a long time trying out all of the high-end systems available and now exclusively use what we believe is the best available. It is built originally for exterior bi-folding doors that are designed to deal with harsh weather conditions, and comes in four different finishes and at two different weight handling classes.

Key features:

We can configure an almost endless array of different door opening and folding layouts, both with or without a bottom track and can build the doors to fully bespoke specifications and designs.

Bi-folding door set drawing, Enfield, EN4

Glazing: For internal sets we mainly use 4mm toughened safety glass throughout. This offers plenty of sound deadening properties, contains heat well and reduces weight.

Wooden door and frame finishes: We take great care in producing high quality joinery and use only the best oils, stains, paints and lacquers to bring out the natural beauty of the wood and give long lasting durability. Everything is made and finished in our purpose built workshop and fully finished prior to delivery and installation.

Delivery and installation: Most internal folding sets can be fully fitted in a single day as they are all made and pre-factory finished. The area will be kept clean and tidy using poly backed dust sheets for floor protection. The only cutting that's required is for the architrave trim sets that are scribed to suit your walls and openings.

Single glazed internal oak bi-folding doors, Palmers Green, N13 Internal single glazed oak bi-folding doors, made to measure, Wichmore Hill, N21 Oak bi-folding doors, signle glazed, made to measure, Enfield, EN2

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