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E.D.K Carpentry & Joinery operates on a tried and trusted method for dealing with estimates. In some instances we are able to provide estimates via email with relevant information without the need for an initial visit to your property. However, for the majority of general carpentry, joinery and bespoke projects such as, made to measure storage solutions, bespoke fitted wardrobes, home offices, handmade kitchens and bathroom furniture etc. We will first speak with you via email or phone to get an idea of you requirements and arrange a time that is convenient to visit.

During our visit we will take detailed measurements and make note of your requirements, assess your needs and try to advise and capture your preferences with regards to design, style choice, best suited mateial and overall finish. Depending on the work at hand I'll also have board samples, swatch colour charts and brochures to help you along.

Once we have all that we need, we will work out the cost and send through a detailed written estimate for you to consider. If you are happy with your quote and wish for us to carry out the work, we will start on your design (if necessary) and have a computer generated dimensional drawing sent through to you. If any adjustments are needed we can tweak the design until you are completely satisfied. The final plan will also be accompanied with details on time frame and any other relevant information you may need.


All bespoke fitted furniture projects come complete with computer generated design. CAD design has become and extremely useful tool as we are able to try out various designs and see how well they interact within a given space, then being able to further tweak and make adjustments, leaving you with no doubt as to what we'll be creating prior to machining a single length of timber, which ultimately enables us to keep my clients happy.

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We try to manufacture as much of any given project in our purpose built workshop, utilising the latest technology along with both modern and traditional techniques to give excellent results: both in terms of overall quality as well as efficiency, which helps to keep our projects completed on time.

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Sprayed Lacquers and Hand Applied Oil Finishes

We carry out all of our own finishes to ensure the best results. We have a dedicated spray booth and finishing room which is fully filtered with clean air intakes to maximise the quality and clarity of our lacquers and oils. From clear coats through to pigmented lacquers, dyes, stains and hand applied oils; we have the optimum finish available for any given material or project. We are also experienced in the new age waterborne coatings which have much lower VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and have little to no odors by the time the items are fitted within your home.

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All carpentry, joinery and bespoke fitted furniture projects are carried out and installed with great care. All necessary dust sheets and floor protection are used throughout the entire process. We personally undertake all of our installations as we like to ensure that the same level of understanding and care that went into the manufacturing stage also follows through to the installation.

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